About The School

Introduction finnish inspired school

SHOWME EDUWAV BERHAD is a holding company that strives to provide a quality education lifestyle to children in Malaysia and beyond, by creating an educational bridge between our country and Finland.

Finland’s education system, long established as one of the best in the world, offers plenty of ways to adapt to the rapidly changing world around us. As Malaysia’s education system tends to follow the same routines, we have turned to Finland to train our teachers and establish an alternative route for Malaysians who are willing to adapt to changes.

This is how we provide a better quality ‘education lifestyle’ to our students.

Our Vission

  • A progressive alternative education provider that integrates proven curriculum in alignment with the human natural growth, realising potentials for excellence.

Our Mission

  • We are an alternative education provider, bringing Finnish culture and teaching methods to Malaysian students.
  • We provide an English-based, stress-free education experience grounded on the Muslim lifestyle and a skill-based culture.
  • We facilitate the holistic development of human growth, harmonising with the fitrah, empowering to be the best version of self for eternal success.
  • We pledge to enrich the education system by cultivating human growth from its early years in building a greater nation.

Our Finnish Inspired School Identity

Through our collaborators in Finland (HEI Schools and EduCluster Finland), we offer training to all our teachers in order to obtain Early Childhood Care and Education Diplomas, as well as Professional Development Diplomas.

Finnish culture elements such as a stress-free environment, play time after every class session, concurrent meal times for students and teachers, as well as plenty of communal areas where students and teachers can mingle and get to know each other in a less formal setting, are implemented for all levels of our institutions.

Through training directly with experts from Finland, our teachers learn new and effective classroommethods, such as play-based, activity-based and project-based learning, hand out less homework,and become more knowledge- and skills-oriented, instead of exam-oriented.