Our Objectives

  • To make sure every child has access to a better lifestyle education, no matter where they are, either in an urban or a rural area, regardless whether they are typical or special needs children.
  • To make sure our children are exposed to knowledge, values and skills, which are needed by the future generations.
  • To create more thinkers, rather than followers. Our objective of education is learning, not teaching.
  • To create a new generation who will be more creative, more imaginative, more self-confident and more resilient than the existing generations.
  • To make sure children have the best childhood experience to lead them to a better quality of adult life.
  • We aim to offer all students a stress-free childhood experience, aligning their educational objectives with the holistic growth principles of Finland’s education system.
  • We strive to inspire a new, successful generation of people who are equipped with the skills that are important to a fulfilling adult life.