Nuzul Quran Celebration at Sri Showme School

Write by at 31 March 2024
We were honored to host esteemed speakers, Ustaz Saidul Bin Marjuni and Ustaz Mustaqim Bin Mohamed, both officers from Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan, who graced us with their wisdom and insights.
The event was truly enlightening as our distinguished guests delivered an insightful talk, delving into the significance of Nuzul Quran.
Their words resonated deeply with our students, fostering a deeper understanding of this auspicious occasion.
In addition to the enlightening discussions, we organized engaging educational quizzes and a vibrant event, filled with colors and joy!
These activities were aimed at enriching our students’ understanding of the Nuzul Quran celebration, making learning a delightful experience.
A heartfelt thank you to our esteemed speakers and everyone who contributed to making yesterday’s event a resounding success!
Stay tuned for more enriching events at Sri Showme School.
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