Our concept

Sri Showme Finnish Inspired School is a Malaysian English, Islamic and Alternative School, inspired by Finland Education Lifestyle.

  • English – We use English as our main language of interaction.
  • Islamic – We embed and instill the Islamic way of living.
  • Alternative – We use multiple different ways to facilitate kids’ understanding and applying of knowledge.

Our Beliefs


Every child is entitled to enough playing.


Every child is unique.


Every child deserves a chance to explore their interests.


Every child has a different pace in whatever they do.


Learning is about acquiring knowledge, not about getting a good result.


Every child is a genius, in their own creative way.

Our Shared Values


We show understanding towards others.


We communicate clearly with one another.


We practice equality in the workplace and in our surroundings.


We are always punctual, responsible and we respect each other.


We value and support our teammates’ hard work and achievements.


We hold ourselves responsible for our actions and decisions.

Showme Education Lifestyle Model (SELIM)


As our current education system now solely emphasizes on results, it has completely ignored the process that one student has to go through in order to get good results. Along the way, the thirst and the thrill for acquiring new knowledge is gone, replaced by the stress to strive for good results, without truly understanding the purpose of the knowledge.

We believe that by acknowledging and genuinely comprehending the process, it will automatically produce a good result in most cases, without unnecessarily stressing the students as well as the teachers and the parents.


Nowdays there is a trend among preschool kids: they can read at an early age, but some of them do not really understand what are they reading.

  • It’s not just about learning to read, it’s about the love to read and the reading culture.
  • It’s not just about learning to solat, it’s about solat awal waktu & Jemaah.
  • It’s not just learning about cleanliness, it’s about involving them in the cleaning process.


The school, home and society environments all play important roles in implementing the right education lifestyle.

The proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is totally and 100% true. The responsibility does not fall on the school alone. Home and society also have a big impact on students’ welfare.


What has worked during our time might not work for the new millennial generation anymore. You cannot use your veto power to ask your kids to do something. They want to know the why’s and why not’s. If you stick to “Do as I tell you’, they will seek the answer elsewhere, with or without you knowing about it.

As there is an information overload right now, we as parents have to guide them, help them, monitor them, facilitate them (instead of demanding) in setting a strong foundation for them to survive and thrive in the future.


As the kids, nowdays live in the digital world, we cannot separate them from gadgets.

However, we can put a limit in it. However good and sophisticated the gadget is, it will never beat natural learning.

You cannot teach your kid to climb using gadgets. They must practice the grip, they must balance their position, they have to test their hand-eye coordination and most important, they can feel and breathe the fresh air blowing in their face.

Together with these 6 components (process,culture,environment,relevance,trust and natural learning), we implement English, Islamic and Alternative methods to make the modal more effective and interesting.